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How We Achieve Excellence


"Students First" is the highest priority I will place on each decision I make as member of the board.  This is the foundational reason public schools exist. A solid educational foundation will benefit students for life.



As a fiscal conservative and former business owner, I understand the necessity of getting the most out of every dollar.  I will keep a tight rein on the dollars in the budget to ensure maximum stewardship of your tax dollars.


Teacher Appreciation

Teachers are where the "rubber meets the road" in the education system.  Now more than ever teachers need more support and more appreciation.  Teachers need a voice on the board. I will be that voice.


Parental Rights

Every parent has a right to direct the upbringing of their child. This includes all matters of education, health and mental health, free from interference from the schools.  I will advocate for parental rights. I will foster an environment which encourages parental participation, listen compassionately and act responsively.

Parents and Toddler


The curriculum and materials that are presented to children in school will have an influence on them for life.  These must be carefully chosen with this fact in mind.  "Back to the basics" is the theme.  

Colorful Books

School Choice

Competition drives improvement.  There are so many decisions that go into selecting the best school for your children.  What's best for one may not be the best for another. This is why I support school choice.

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